The Cost of Shipping to Hawaii is Crazy!

Save 20-50% over UPS or FedEx Shipping with Hawaii Forwarding Service

Imagine if delivery to Hawaii were as cheap as on the mainland!
Well now there’s “Hawaii Forwarding” and we can save you a bundle.

Here’s how:
Send your purchases to our Hawaii Forwarding Center on the Mainland using the FREE SHIPPING option offered by many companies and we’ll then forward it on to you in Hawaii for a fraction of the cost of shipping it directly to Hawaii.

Take advantage of Mainland Free Shipping offers!

We know you’ve seen companies that won’t ship to Hawaii or they only use UPS or Fedex to ship here. Well now you can shop with them and still have great shipping rates to you in Hawaii. And you may even get free shipping to our forwarding facility!

In fact most of our customers are seeing a savings of 20-50% over shipping it directly to Hawaii.

The service is very simple. You sign up as Hawaii Forwarding Customer, send your purchases to our forwarding center, and we address it to you in Hawaii and send it off the next day. There’s no consolidating, no hassles and no extra waiting. Your package gets to you about 3 days after we send it.
You never have to contact us after the initial signup. We will know where you want it sent and we do it automatically.

How it Works

Send your purchases to our
West Coast shipping center.
We forward your package
to you in Hawaii at the
best possible rate.





“I started using Hawaii
Forwarding in August
and we saved over $60 on
our first 3 shipments!”
– Claire Aguera
The Postal Shop
Makawao Maui, Hawaii