About Us:


Our mission is simple: Offer the best possible price for shipping to Hawaii and make it available to everyone. Individuals and businesses alike.

We are a family owned business and we live in Hawaii. We have been in the business of shipping to and from Hawaii since 1994. We understand what everyone goes through when they must ship items to Hawaii. So, when prices started to rise a few years ago we decided it was time to focus our efforts on a lower cost shipping solution to Hawaii. Our promise to you is to keep the prices as low as possible and to offer a service that’s easy to use. In fact, we feel that simplicity should be a high priority. We did not want customers to feel the need to contact us each time they wanted to buy something. Now we have a system that truly easy to use. A customer signs-up, gives us their address in Hawaii and that’s all the contact they need to have with us. They just address their packages to our forwarding facility and we send the packages on to their address in Hawaii and its Delivered right to your home, business or P.O. Box.

How It Works:

Send your purchases to our
West Coast shipping center.
We forward your package
to you in Hawaii at the
best possible rate.

“I started using Hawaii
Forwarding in August
and we saved over $60 on
our first 3 shipments!”
– Claire Aguera
The Postal Shop
Makawao Maui, Hawaii