Frequently Asked Questions:

How does it save money?
There are very few reasonably priced ways to get things shipped to Hawaii. UPS and Fedex shipping are often the only choice at online companies. Starting Now you can use the “Free Shipping option” or cheapest alternative and send the item to our Mainland Forwarding Facility, and we will forward it to you in Hawaii using the US Mail(4 days) or by ship(14days). Savings of 20% to 75% are typical.
The Cost will vary by size and weight of parcels. If you can give us the Boxed size and weight  of something you are buying, we can get you a PRICE QUOTE(THE PREVIOUS TEXT SHOULD BE LINK TO THE QUOTE PAGE) of shipping from the Warehouse to Hawaii.

How long will delivery take:
After your item is received at our Consolidation Center you will typically receive the item 4 days later at your address in Hawaii via airmail.
For larger or heavier items you can get an even greater savings if you choose our 2 week Ocean delivery option. Please call first to arrange Ocean shipping.

How will I be charged:
Only when we ship your item to Hawaii will your credit card be billed for the shipping. Typically you will receive an email notification when the shipment is sent to Hawaii.

How do I get Setup to use this service:
You can set it up on this website, over the phone or by coming in to one of our locations on Maui.

Phone number: (808) 572-3088
We will help you fill out the customer. You can use the service anytime without need for telling us about your shipments. When your package arrives at our Warehouse we will automatically forward it to your Hawaii Address.

Sorry, we cannot ship Hazmat or Alcohol

What Address do I send my order to on the mainland?
Please Call or Email for instructions (808) 572-3088

Please Call or Email for instructions
(808) 572-3088

Please Call or Email for instructions
(808) 572-3088


Have you ever shopped at an online store that won’t ship your package Priority Mail? With Flat rate priority Mail Hawaii Forwarding can get your package to you quickly and at the right price.







“I started using Hawaii
Forwarding in August
and we saved over $60 on
our first 3 shipments!”
– Claire Aguera
The Postal Shop
Makawao Maui, Hawaii