How it Works

Sign up once and then use the service anytime you need it.
Once you become a Hawaii Forwarding customer there is no need to contact us again unless your shipping address has changed.
Each time you purchase something and the shipping offered is outrageous, you just have it sent to our forwarding center using the Free shipping option (or lowest cost alternative).
When our forwarding center receives the package, we send it on to your Hawaii address.
You receive your package in Hawaii a few days later.
Its that simple.

Why use Hawaii Forwarding?

Most companies that sell products do not like to use the cheapest forms of shipping to send their products to Hawaii. They prefer to use shipping companies that offer the best tracking. But this extra service comes at a price. At Hawaii Forwarding we believe that Hawaii customers want the best possible price for shipping.
Hawaii Forwarding has shipping options that give customers better pricing than Fedex or UPS.
And, if a package is way too large for the object inside, we can resize the box and save you even more money.

Ebay Solutions!

Have you ever seen those eBay sellers who don’t offer anything but ground shipping within the Continental US? Now you have a low cost solution.

“I started using Hawaii
Forwarding in August
and we saved over $60 on
our first 3 shipments!”
– Claire Aguera
The Postal Shop
Makawao Maui, Hawaii