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Once you become a Hawaii Forwarding customer there is no need to contact us again unless your address in Hawaii has changed.
Each time you purchase something and the shipping offered is outrageous, you just have it sent to our forwarding center using the Free shipping option (or lowest cost alternative).

When our forwarding center receives the package, we send it on to your Hawaii address that you enter below.

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Once you have received signup confirmation, you can use the service anytime. If you need immediate assistance to start shipping now, give us a call and we can do the signup over the phone. 808-572-3088.

How it Works

Send your purchases to our
West Coast shipping center.
We forward your package
to you in Hawaii at the
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“I started using Hawaii
Forwarding in August
and we saved over $60 on
our first 3 shipments!”
– Claire Aguera
The Postal Shop
Makawao Maui, Hawaii